Trevor Anthony Thompson JR.

On an early morning in November 2017 in Elm Grove, Thompson was pulled over for an illegal U-turn. The officer observed what appeared to be a half-gallon sized bag of weed in the backseat of the car, questioned Thompson who admitted it was weed and handed it to the officer. Upon handing it to the officer, Thompson fled—weaving through parking lots before re-entering Bluemound Road and leading a group of officers on a high-speed chase caught on the dashcam of the confronting and pursuing officers. Eventually, Thompson struck another car, exited and fled on foot evading arrest. A search of Thompson’s car revealed even more marijuana, totaling 315 grams (nearly 3/4 s a pound).

Trevor Anthony Thompson JR.

As reported by Fox 6, when Thompson turned himself, he was charged with:

  • a felony count of fleeing arrest;
  • felony count of possession with intent to deal;
  • and, resisting arrest.

The charges carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for Thompson.

When appearing before Waukesha County Commissioner Laura Lau for his bail hearing later that day, Thompson refused to address the court.

Prosecutors recommended bail be set at $75K…
Laura Lau denied the request and reduced bail to $10,000, citing only one previous drug charge.

Lau with 16 years of cases like this behind her, wants a promotion. Countless cases in which Lau set bail below standards that keep in mind the safety of the community—and specifically ignores the request of the prosecutor.

Trevor Thompson’s case is inexplicably featured on the relaunched Lau for Judge website.

VERDICT: Laura Lau and a broken court system set soft bails (and penalties) for a hardened criminal.