Thomas M. Brosinger

In 2014, Thomas Brosinger appeared before Waukesha County Commissioner Laura Lau for “Theft-Movable Property fr. Person/Corpse.” Brosinger had a multiple felony criminal record that stretched back to 2011 and involved 10 cases, including possession of Mairjuana and fleeing an officer.

Thomas M. Brosinger

In spite of this, Laura Lau slapped him with ONLY a $500 cash bond.

  • Less than two years later, Brosinger stole a dead man’s car and
  • robbed a bank and was brought right back before Lau!

Giving a convicted felon a $500 bond for stealing from a dead guy shows Lau’s real compassion…so that he can rob a bank two years later and be in front of her again?

VERDICT: Laura Lau and a broken court system set soft bails (and penalties) for a hardened criminal.