Jaquel E. Simmons

Jaquel Simmons had a tested method for breaking into homes and moving stolen goods quickly, which involved a regular crew. Simmons was the crew’s ringleader, always had two or three accomplices and two women, who acted as lookouts and resold whatever they stole. One member of his crew—Najee Harmon—shot a Wauwatosa detective during an incident. Police believe Simmons was responsible for at least 30 burglaries. In July 2015, he and his crew were finally caught in Milwaukee County and pled guilty to 4 felony counts of burglary. Four months later Simmons was snagged running a burglary ring in Waukesha.

Jaquel E. Simmons
  • One month later Simmons was busted in Waukesha again, and charged with 8 felonies
  • including armed burglary. Despite having been busted for masterminding an aggressive
  • burglary ring in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties, with a long criminal history…

…Waukesha Commissioner Laura Lau ONLY gave him a $1000 bond!

A bond that was only 10% and 20% of that which his accomplices were handed.

Simmons’s accomplices received a $10,000 and $5,000 cash bond respectively…yet Lau set bond for the ringleader Simmons at only $1000 cash bond for each of the two-separate case?


  • Simmons’s accomplices received a $10,000 and $5,000 cash bond respectively. Laura Lau set bond for the ringleader Simmons, with 8 felonies to his name, at only $1000 for each of the two-separate case.

VERDICT: Laura Lau and a broken court system set soft bails (and penalties) for a hardened criminal.