Frank Schiller

On July 8th, 2017 Frank Schiller was charged with homicide with intoxicated used of a vehicle along with 14 other felonies. The victim was helping another driver change a flat tire, when Schiller swerved onto the right shoulder to avoid traffic. Schiller ran over the male victim and hit the victim’s car causing injury to all four of his children. At the time, Schiller’s felony criminal record stretches back twenty years.

Frank Schiller

Waukesha Commissioner Laura Lau often cites this case as to, “Why she is running,” and ignores her previous involvement in Schiller’s long criminal history.

Coverage of this case features Laura Lau during the bail hearing pronouncing with great exasperation, “A pending fifth OWI (in Milwaukee) and let out with a signature bond…is incredible to this court”.

Laura Lau ignores what is truly, “Incredible”: as a judge in Milwaukee County, Lau repeatedly gave Schiller soft cash bonds for his growling list of charges.

Frank Schiller’s rap sheet as of June 6, 2006 included:

  • OWI(s)—2
  • Resisting Arrest—2
  • Witness Intimidation—1
  • Battery—4
  • Bail jumping—5
  • Drug-related charges—2

Laura Lau Sets Bail at ONLY $1000!

Four years later, Schiller was again before Laura Lau for drug possession and bail jumping charges. From 2006 to 2010 and 12 court visits later, Schiller doubled the number of charges in nearly every category! So what bond did Lau offer in response?

Frank Schiller’s rap sheet as of January 22, 2010:

  • OWI(s)—4
  • Resisting Arrest—4
  • Witness Intimidation—2
  • Battery—5
  • Bail jumping—8
  • Drug-related charges—5

Laura Lau Sets Bail at ONLY $250!


  • Schiller appeared before the courts at least 35 times—leaving no shortage of judicial blame.
  • Schiller appeared before Waukesha County judges 21 times (twice before Laura Lau)—nearly twice as many times as the 11 times he appeared before Milwaukee County judges.

VERDICT: Laura Lau and a broken court system set soft bails (and penalties) for a hardened criminal.