Anthony L Bivins

In spring 2017, Anthony Bivens was charged with “Escape-Criminal Arrest.” Bivens had a criminal record dating back to 1980, with at least 10 felony convictions that have been recorded as “unclassified” due to data import errors. Bivens also has a number of civil suits, including but not limited to: paternity (multiple), divorce (multiple), vehicular accident (multiple injuries) and eviction.

Anthony L Bivins

Despite the clear indication he was a flight risk, on Mar 13, 2017, Waukesha County Commissioner Laura Lau set his cash bond at a MERE $50!

  • The safety of law abiding citizens for a mere $50 bond for charges related
  • to a, “Escape Criminal Arrest” for a repeat offender guilty of: multiple drug
  • charges, theft(s), bail jumping, repeat burglary, battery and firearm possession?

Laura Lau sided with Bivens not the law abider, choosing an infuriating and inexcusable $50 bond.

VERDICT: Laura Lau and a broken court system set soft bails (and penalties) for a hardened criminal.