Bad Judgement
Doesn't Make
for a Good Judge

Laura Lau doesn't understand…putting hardened criminal before your safety, is bad judgement.

Laura Lau, candidate in the April 3rd election for Waukesha County Circuit Court-Branch 12, has been a Waukesha County Court Commissioner for 16 years. Lau's 16 years as a court commissioner provide invaluable and deeply concerning insight into the type of judge she would be.

Judge Laura Lau

Lau's actions as an officer of the court:

"Repeatedly placed the public in harms-way of repeat offenders by setting soft bails for hardened criminals "Contradicts her campaign rhetoric as a, "rule of law conservative" and calls into question why she has the, "back(ing) of the badge."

The included research takes a hard look at cases for which Laura Lau set bail over the previous two years. The initial findings were so alarming and numerous, research did not go beyond two years.

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